Are you thinking about getting your toes wet in the consumer finance field? there are so many jobs you can try in different areas to fish out the part of business you’re interested most.

The important thing to always remember is that, this type of job requires excellent skill with numbers. Furthermore, at times it requires at least an associate’s degree qualification. In some cases, you’ll need to obtain a bachelor degree or more, not only for these, but even for some entry-level finance jobs. Below are some highly reputable jobs you can get in finance consumer service.

  • Credit Analysts 

Estimated Annual Salary: $62,000

A credit analyst mostly obtains a college degree but may decide to enter the field with an associate’s degree along with plans to get their bachelor’s. Credit analysts has the opportunity to work in different type of businesses, basically anywhere that someone is applying for credit. The main task of credit analyst job is to look at credit applications and conduct a research on them to see if they’ve qualify for a credit card or a loan grant.

  • Insurance Claims Adjuster

Estimated Annual Salary: $49,000

Not all areas of insurance fall as neatly into the financial services heading as an insurance claims adjuster, but this position definitely fits. In this position, you’ll be reviewing damages and calculating estimates for payouts or repairs. Sometimes, you might be working as a private detective to find fraud. This job does not require a degree but will require special training.

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  • Personal Finance Advisor

Estimated Annual Salary: $67,000

Talking about “Personal finance advisor”, it’s a very important job which requires a bachelor’s degree or higher qualification, but in some cases it’s a job that people fresh out of college start with, making it an entry-level position. A personal financial advisor works with other people to help them establish a financial plan so they can prepare for and meet their targeted goals.

  • Loan Assistant

Estimated Annual Salary: $37,000

This type job is a good entry-level job with huge potential for growth in the banking industry. The loan assistant assists the loan officer with all of the paperwork involved in each loan they handle. The more loans that are processed, the more work there is for you to help with.

  • Bank Teller

Estimated Annual Salary: $31,000

Bank tellers are the people you deal with at the window, either inside or through the drive-up of your bank or credit union. They’ll cash checks, give you money orders, provide traveler’s checks and help answer your general questions about your account and the bank. Most of the training is on-the-job, and there’s no education required.

  • Office Support / Administrative Assistant

Estimated Annual Salary: $36,000

Majority of financial institutions we have today have people who need needs the attention of administrative support. These people help to process paperwork, do data entry, keep track of schedules, and arrange meetings and any other jobs required to keep their boss(es) days running smoothly without any misconception. No degree in finance is required, but make sure you have some computer skills because they are necessary.

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  • Debt Collector

Estimated Annual Salary: $32,000

In the banking and finance industry, there are a lot of people borrowing money, and some of them don’t pay it back like they’re supposed to. A debt collection worker tries to get that person to pay, or they might take them to court to get their wages garnished. It’s not a job that requires education, but it is a difficult career.

  • Receptionist

Estimated Annual Salary: $29,000

A receptionist doesn’t need formal education or obtain a degree, but they required to know a lot about the business bank they’re representing. The receptionist is the first contact the public has with the bank, and they need to be pleasant, patience and able to respond to basic questions or connect the individual with the right department to address his/her complain .

  • Customer Service Representative / Chat or Call Center.

Estimated Annual Salary: $30,000

Today, there are customer service representatives in many financial institutions. Sometimes they work on phone lines, and sometimes, they’re charged with handling live web chats. These people don’t need a degree, but they will have a lot to learn about the business so they can answer or manage any questions that customers may have.

  • Entry-Level Financial Analyst

Estimated Annual Salary: N/A

An entry-level financial analyst will mainly be charged with inputting data. There are massive amounts of financial data that are collected in the finance industry, and this needs to be appropriately collected and entered before it can be reviewed and analyzed. As you advance in your career, you may be charged with coming up with some conclusions and advice.

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