20 Things That Makes A Relationship To Last Long

Are you and your crush in the beginning stages of a new relationship? Are you worried that your relationship might not last longer? In this day and age, there are many things of factors inside and outside of a relationship that can influence its outcome. If youre willing to learn some tips/guides on how your relationship with your partner will last, I recommend you to read this article. Below are some tips!

1. Burn Your Blueprint And Script.

What this means is simple. It means, do not try toplan your relationship. If you try to do this, the opportunity that something is not going to go like you wanted to is pretty high, and might lead the end of what could have been a pretty fulfilling relationship. Some of the successful relationships are construct on being committed and passionate, and if you try to plan out how it’s going to work, it usually will not.

2. Forgiveness.
In life we all make mistakes. This is a cold hard fact of life. If you truly love and care for the person you are in a relationship with, then you must learn how to forgive them for their mistakes. Keeping grudges towards one another is very toxic and a problem in a relationship, and this could definitely make the relationship not to last or collapse.

3. Be a good teammate.

A relationship is a two-persons job. If you want your relationship to last, then dont expect your partner to do all of the work alone. This includes general housework, thats if you live together to actually being the only one to contribute to the relationship physically and emotionally. Its a two-way street, and if its only to run one way, it might not last.

4. Grow together.
Another tip for a relationship to last long, is to grow together as a couple. That is how you find out if that person is the one for you the best suit for you. You grow as a couple by spending time just talking and bonding with each other. If you cant grow or learn to grow in your relationship, it will not last.

5. Adapt.
You obviously can not expect to have the all of the same ideas and beliefs as the person you are in a relationship with, so it is important to adapt if you want your relationship to last. If you care about your boyfriend/girlfriend, this step should come pretty easily. Your partners little quirks or even religious beliefs may seem like a deal breaker, but if you have the ability to adapt, then your relationship has the amazing ability to go the distance.

6. Develop your own interests.
When in a relationship, it is important to develop your own interests. You and your partner dont have to express interest in all of the same things as each other; that would make things really boring, wouldnt it? This way, you guys will have more things to talk about and even more new things to try in your relationship.

7. Dont keep score.
Relationships are not a game, so there is no reason to try to keep score. This means, if you do something nice for your partner, or do something to help out, you dont have to announce it to them just to get brownie points. The same goes for if they make a mistake, or make you mad, you shouldnt feel the need to hold it against them just to make yourself look better. This is probably one of the top reasons why relationships dont last. Nobody likes to feel like a loser in a relationship.

8. Practice self-awareness.
When you are in a relationship, you usually try to do whatever you can to make the other person happy, right? Well, how are you supposed to make someone else happy, unless you know what makes YOU happy? Practicing self awareness is a good way to know what makes you happy, and what makes you click so you can be the partner your significant other deserves.

9. Cultivate your finer qualities.

Work on the qualities that make you a better person. It can be easy to do this in a relationship, because there are always opportunities to practice those qualities, like loyalty, compassion, and trust.

10. Encourage each other.
Im sure you dont want to ever feel held back from doing certain things, or trying new things just because you are in a relationship, and neither does your partner. Make sure you encourage your significant other to achieve any goals.

11. Offer solutions, not criticism.
If there is a problem that arises in your relationship with your partner, and they come to you for advice, offer advice that tries to help them actually solve the problem, and that doesnt criticize them for what they have done, or what the situation is.

12. Compliment each other.
This one is pretty self-explanatory. Complimenting your partner is such a simple way to show how much you really care about one another. If you dont do it, it could be easy for them to question what they really mean to you, or what you really think of them.

13. Respect space and time.
Spending time with your partner is always a good thing to help your relationship grow, but giving each other some space every now and then is another important factor in making a relationship last. It gives yourselves time to grow as a person (self-awareness) as well as giving you that time to miss each other a little bit.

14. Remember to say thank you.
This is one of those golden rules mom always taught you. These two simple words can mean a lot to someone. Saying thank you is such a simple way to make someone feel as if they are appreciated. Ask yourself this question: would you stay in a relationship if you felt unappreciated?

15. Admit that you are wrong.
We have all been in the situation where as much as you dont want to admit it, you are wrong in some sort of disagreement. Sometimes you should just swallow that pride of yours, and admit that you were wrong. If your partner really cares, they will remember step 2, and forgive you.

16. Dont be afraid to speak your mind.
If you need to talk about something with your partner, dont hesitate to say what you need to say. If you are one to beat around the bush and hope that they will pick up on what you are trying to say, you can be lost in translation, which will usually end not in your favor.

17.Be romantic.
Surprise her with flowers. Plan him a special night under the stars. Do anything to show how much you really care about each other. As redundant as this may sound, its a really important step in any relationship.

18. Respect his or her friends.
This is another big one. If you are not a big fan of his/her friends, you are better off keeping that your little secret. You dont have to like them, but for the sake of your relationship, you should at the very least respect them.

19. Be affectionate.
Any girl I have ever met would agree that this is an extremely important factor in any relationship. Whether it is holding her hand, playing with his hair, or giving hugs and kisses, this is pretty much a no-brainer when it comes to making that girl or guy in your life happy.

20. Mind your manners.
Another one of moms golden rules, you should always remember to mind your manners when you are with your partner. You dont want to gross them out by letting out big burps without saying excuse me, and for some people, that could very well be a deal breaker.

There is always a lot of work involved in maintaining a relationship with someone, but if you always remember how much they mean to you, it will not seem like work. You can ask anyone who has been in a relationship for a long period of time they wouldnt trade it all for anything.

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