7 Things Women Need To Hear During s€x

Here you find the suitable words you need to use with your babe just before, during and after s*x. The suitable words can turn her on, arouse her, increase her confidence, and motivate her come back tomorrow for more.

Come to think of it. Your woman always want to communicate with you, and she expects the same from you.

During dates, on atmospheric weekend afternoons when you’re both chilling at home, and even during s€x!

Words can be a powerful aphrodisiac and often aren’t used enough, says Ian Kerner”, Ph.D., an American relationships expert.

There are things you should not say to your babe during s€x, also there are some things you tell her that will amuse her, the words that you use are power to seriously get her in the mood, increase her s€xual confidence with you and make the whole experience to brainstorm both of you every single time.

In the meantime, make sure to keep things honest, specific and brief every time. Thoroughly talking when the mood is almost on might actually work against you.

So what are the suitable and arousing words to use with your babe before, during and after s€x that’ll ensure that the experience pops all the time. Read below!

1. Complement her hair
Just as you know, suitable words are great for foreplay too. Apart from the obvious erogenous zones that you cant do without noticing hello?! to appreciate your girl more, a physical appearance make her feel attractive and drag her s€xual attention to you.

The hair is among the things women like to be appreciated for, give her here much time, play with her hair, spend money on it. This will make her to love you more and feel somehow if youre not beside her.

2. Talk about her k!sses
This is a weapon you cant take away from any love making session, because it is the most common foreplay. This will make your woman to know she’s doing a good job of it.

3. Dirty talk
This is a great idea before or during s€xy time. But for this to workout, make sure its something your woman is comfortable with and also need, be careful not to cross the red line of what is s€xy and whats off-putting. These are things to say in bed to turn her on:

I can’t wait to welcome your warm body in my arms sounds nice right?

I cant wait to enter your kingdom. This sounds nice, too. It all depends on the status of freak you and your partner have reached.

4. I can’t get enough of you
Touch and insert the part of her body that drives crazy the most, And do it gradually in the most impressive manner you can muster.

While some women have been advised to not project their body insecurities during s€x, it actually makes sense to give positive feedback of that body when she gets nak*d with you.

This doesnt mean that you are not being sincere, you are just being focus on the positives in that moment.

Easy, right?

5. That head game
Your relationship is at stake if you dont give head, according to a poll conducted by the Pulse.

So learn to do it and enjoy it. And if what she brings to the table for you to eat is satisfactory, you gotta let her know, bruh.

Also if her oral s€x game is good, let her know.

6. Moan
Yeah, we get it. Men hold it in and just let out the occasional grunt. But its actually OK to moan sometimes.

Do it for a change.

7. Wow!
This is a simple exclamation loaded with all sorts of excitement and mindblowing sensations you must have felt during the s€x.

By doing this, you let her know that she just blew your mind and no words could suffice than that breathless exclamation!

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