Big B00bs: Some Women Talked About Their Bust-Related Struggles


My br€asts were always coming out of every cloth I wear, basically pouring out, says a woman. 

Big b00bs come with big problems. So we interviewed some women how they manage having larger-than-average breasts, and we were able to get some pretty interesting responses.

Shola said 
“Most times when I’m close to my period, it almost feels like it is double the size, compared to when I was slimmer, yeah it would be a bit tender but not that heavy. It also just makes me look fatter than I am and that’s the downside to it. You just look fat all the time.

“Because even when you lose weight it doesn’t reduce that much. There is the challenge of finding locally made bras that are my size, that’s virtually impossible. My cup size is bigger than my width, so it is hard to find a good bra that goes around my body and still fits. Only foreign companies make such concessions and foreign-made bras are expensive.”

Anne said
“When I was much fatter, I used to go through a lot because of my b00bs. I was wearing a size 47D bra. I used to have a lot of back aches, and getting a bra in my size was hard too. My br€asts always ached, especially during ovulation and my menstrual periods.”

“I had issues before because my br€asts were always coming out of every cloth I wear, basically pouring out. It was Shein that taught me how to manage my bra by taking note of the cup and the bust. If you are buying from Shein, it accounts for the length, bust, and underbust, which helps you pick out the right bras.”

Dolapo said
“I feel small b00bs are so attractive, you know that human thing; where you admire what you don’t have and wish you had it, yeah that’s it. Small b00bs give fitting to clothes without stress.”

“Have I mentioned going out without a bra? You can go braless even under your gowns, gosh, then bikinis, no fear of n!pple slips.”

“Also, small b00bs don’t fall I mean you can even be jumping up and down without fear of people staring at your b00bs.”

How to make life easier for big-br€asted babes
Special attention needs to be paid by lingerie companies to women with big br€asts. There are cheaper options and more variety for women who are A and B cups, but the options dwindle when you get to C and D cups.

True, women with big br€asts are in the minority, Less than 1 per cent of the female population has a breast size larger than a D cup but that doesn’t mean their needs should be ignored and they do have several needs, like comfort, affordability, packaging and so on.

Lingerie companies need to understand that bigger br€asts don’t necessarily mean fat and so make concessions for the different ways a woman’s body can be.

Also, it seems like punishment for women with big br€asts if they have to spend much more money than the average woman to get a bra that fits. The same variety and options available for women with smaller br€asts should be available to women with bigger br€asts.

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