Bangladesh Cuts Academy And Office Hours To Save Power

Bangladesh will close seminaries for one further day each week and reduce office hours to ease an electricity deficit, a government functionary says. Last month, the South Asian nation started daily two- hour power cuts. Protesters have taken to the thoroughfares in recent weeks after the government raised petrol prices by further than 50. The war in Ukraine has driven up the cost of importing energy and taken a risk on Bangladesh's frugality and foreign currency reserves. On Monday, Bangladesh Cabinet Secretary "Khandker Anwarul Islam" said that seminaries which were preliminarily only closed on Fridays- would now also be shut on Saturdays. Under normal circumstances, seminaries in Bangladesh are open for six days a week- Monday,
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List Of 15 African Nations With The Loftiest Food Inflation As Of Half-Year 2022

Here we present you the list of African nations with the loftiest food inflation rates. According to Business Insider report, the list is courtesy of Trading Economics, which collected the data from sanctioned country sources. Note that the rising of food has to do with food costs. It's a major motorist of overall inflation rates across Africa. In a recent
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