How N43 Million ‘Dissappeared’ From APC Secretariat In Abuja

The ruling All Progressives Congress is looking for N43,000,000 which suddenly developed wings and disappeared in broad daylight from its National Secretariat in Abuja.

The party has been unable to find the huge sum of money, THE GIANT SOURCE has learnt.

Sources confirmed to this website that the money disappeared from the makeshift office being used to sell and process forms for aspirants entering the secretariat to buy their expression of interest and nomination forms.

The commencement of sale of forms led to huge supporters of aspirants gathering across the secretariat fence to cheer them.

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The building called Buhari House which serves as the office of the party is under renovation, forcing the party to create a makeshift office under the canopy.

It was gathered that the money disappeared following a surge of people who succeeded in breaking into the compound, causing pandemonium.

It was in the ensuing pandemonium that the money said to be in an envelope disappeared.

Staff under the canopy were said to have claimed that the envelope may have fallen off, forcing the dismantling of the canopy only to find out that the money could not be found.

The staff reported that the money was in dollar bills, which made it possible for the suspected thief to easily disappear with it.

The officials, however, dispelled insinuations that the money was from the sale of forms, saying aspirants are mandated to pay for forms at the banks then proceed to the secretariat to show evidence before collecting their forms.

A source told journalists that, “It’s actually $75,000. You know there was a struggle at the gate when aspirants and supporters were trying to get in.

“When the parcel of money dropped, it went missing in a flash. By the time security operatives were alerted, the thief had vanished with the envelope,” the party source said.

Findings showed that the money had not been found as at the close of work on Wednesday.

Attempts to get the reaction of Mr Felix Morka, the party’s spokesman, failed as he did not reply text messages sent to his phone.

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