List Of 15 African Nations With The Loftiest Food Inflation As Of Half-Year 2022

  • Here we present you the list of African nations with the loftiest food inflation rates.
  • According to Business Insider report, the list is courtesy of Trading Economics, which collected the data from sanctioned country sources.
  • Note that the rising of food has to do with food costs. It’s a major motorist of overall inflation rates across Africa.
In a recent report by Business Insider examined the soaring costs of food across the globeincluding in Nigeria and other African countries. It’s a trend that seems to be getting out of handaggravated by the ongoing war in Ukraine and macroeconomic factors like high food inflation.
As you may know, inflation means a rise in the prices of goods and services. It’s a major index of the decline in people’s copping power over a given period. On the other handfood inflation specifically has to do with the rise in the cost of food particulars over a given period.

Food inflation is a major motorist of inflationary pressure. And this isn’t surprising, after all, food is an essential needIndeed when prices of food particulars soar out of control, we continue to buy them because we need to eat. And this inescapably encourages the affectation rate to shoot .

According to Deloitteindeed though the war has worsened food inflation across the worldutmost countries were formerly at threat of a food extremity before Russia invaded Ukraine. This is trueespecially for numerous African countries.

Some countriesparticularly those in East Africa and the Horn of Africa, have been scuffling with unknown failure and indeed conflicts which have disintegrated food product whilst hanging to push millions into starvation.Amid the challenges, the International Monetary Fund( IMF) released a report last month named” chief Food Prices inSub-Saharan Africa An Empirical Assessment”. The report examined food inflation trends across the region and advised that food prices decreasingly driving inflation ratesindeed as the situation was proving to be‘ hopeless‘.
With this in mind. Below are the list of 15 African countries with the loftiest food inflation rates. The list is courtesy of Trading Economics, which compiles country data from sanctioned sources.

  • Zimbabwe has inflation rate of 309%
  • Ethiopia has inflation rate of 35.5%
  • Rwanda has inflation rate of 32.7%
  • Ghana has inflation rate of 32.3%
  • Malawi has inflation rate of 31.2%
  • Burkina Faso has inflation rate of 28.9%
  • Djibouti has inflation rate of 25.7%
  • Angola has inflation rate of 25.1%
  • Burundi has inflation rate of 24.4%
  • Sierra Leone has inflation rate of 23%
  • Egypt has inflation rate of 22.4%
  • Nigeria has inflation rate of 22.02%
  • Mozambique has inflation rate of 17.24%
  • Senegal has inflation rate of 17.2%
  • Somalia has inflation rate of 16.86%
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