Naira Redesigned: How Nigerians Are Throwing Their Comments On The Redesigned Naira Notes After 2 decades

  • The Nigerian currency been redesigned.
  • The newly redesigned notes were unveiled earlier today by President Muhammadu Buhari.

There were so many reactions by Nigerians on Naira’s new design.
The central bank of Nigeria (CBN) moves to redesigned the country’s currency after 20 years, but not all currencies were redesigned.

It will be recalled that last month, the presiding governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, “Mr. Godwin Emefiele”, announced to the general public that some of the Naira notes would be undergoing some design changes, and tasked Nigerians to rush to nearby banks and deposit all withheld currencies with them.

In his announcement, Mr. Emefiele noted that the changing of old Naira for new ones would commence soon. He told the press that the newly redesigned notes will be in circulation from 15-Dec-2022 and the old notes would be completely band effective from 31-Jan 2023. Read the story here.

Keeping in line with the CBN’s directive, it was announced yesterday that the president of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, would unveil the new notes today.

Few hours ago, President Muhammadu Buhari unveiled the new naira note and Nigerian social media has gone into a frenzy throwing their comments on the new treads.

President Buhari holding the redesigned naira notes

Looking carefully, the redesigned naira notes compared to the old ones seem to vary in terms of brightness and colour. Apart from that, there isn’t much of any change to say.

File photo of redesigned Naira notes

The former colours of the old notes were maintained albeit and swapped amongst the notes.

For example, the new N200 notes seem to be the same colour as the current N10 or N100 notes, the new N500 notes seem to be the same colour as the current N20 or former N200 notes, and the new N1000 notes bear a striking colour resemblance to the current N50 notes.

The new notes also maintained their original dimensions and faces. No new Nigerian figure was added to the notes.

Yes of course, Nigerians have a lot to say about its new currency and while very few comments are encouraging of CBN’s new move, others cannot get over the change and how odd it appears. Below are some of the reactions we fished out from Twitter:

Almost all the comments seem to allude to how basic, unsightly, and un-creative the redesign is.

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