President Vladimir Putin Will Not Attend Late Gorbachev’s Funeral

President “Vladimir Putin” will not participate in the funeral session “late. Mikhail Gorbachev”, the last Soviet Union’s leader, the Kremlin has confirmed.

According to spokesman “Dmitry Peskov” said president Putin’s work schedule would not allow him to attend the event scheduled to hold on Saturday.

He said the Russian leader had earlier paid his ultimate respect at the Moscow hospital where Gorbachev died on Tuesday, aged 91.

Late. Gorbachev’s transition helped end the Cold War, but still caused the collapsed of the Soviet Union, which Mr Putin has lamented.

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In 2005, the Russian president said the break-up of the USSR was “the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the [20th] Century”.

However, in his telegram of condolences to Gorbachev’s family on Wednesday, Mr Putin struck a more conciliatory note, describing him as “a politician and statesman who had a huge impact on the course of world history”.

On Thursday, Russian state television showed Mr Putin placing red roses beside Gorbachev’s coffin in Moscow’s Central Clinical Hospital.

“Unfortunately, the president’s work schedule will not allow him to do this on 3 September, so he decided to do it today,” Mr Peskov told reporters.

Gorbachev’s funeral, which will be open to the public, will take place in Moscow’s Hall of Columns.

Afterwards, he will be buried at the city’s Novodevichy cemetery, next to his wife Raisa, who died in 1999.

Mr Peskov said Gorbachev’s ceremony would have “elements” of a state funeral and that the state was helping to organise it.

Furthermore, president Putin will not be the only high absentee from the funeral session. Many foreign leaders who might have been expected to attend are currently banned from Russian land, and this is in retaliation for Western sanctions imposed because of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Top government dignitaries and politicians from the US, UK, EU, Japan and Canada are among those on the exclusion list, including US President “Joe Biden” and UK Prime Minister “Boris Johnson”, as well as the two candidates vying to succeed him, “Liz Truss” and “Rishi Sunak”.

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