• in this article you will know the 15 JOBS that are available IN FINANCE CONSUMER SERVICES: BEST-PAYING + ENTRY-LEVEL)

Generally, finance consumer services could be described as an institution that deals with small businesses and consumers; this doesn’t mean banking for large businesses. Frankly speaking, this is an excellent career path. Why? Because there will always be a demand for your services; if you like working with people, you get to enjoy that, and it’s an amazing business.

It’s extremely good to join this institution, because working in finance consumer services can cover multiple professions, from those that are entry-level and require no outside skills to people who are running the company. If you’re interested and want to join the Finance Consumer Services, then the following list of jobs will give you a clarity of the types of professions that are available there in the field and how to get there.

Below are the list of 13 excellent jobs you can choose in finance consumer services:

  • Hedge Fund Manager Jobs.
  • Bank President Jobs.
  • Loan officer jobs.
  • Accountant Jobs.
  • Credit Analyst Jobs.
  • Claims Adjuster Jobs.
  • Finance Advisor Jobs.
  • Bank teller jobs.
  • Loan assistant jobs.
  • Administrative Assistant Jobs.
  • Receptionist jobs.
  • Debt collector.
  • Customer Service Representative Jobs.


Sometimes Finance Consumer Services requires a degree as a qualification for advancement in the field. If you’re interested to join the field, then work to earn a bachelor’s degree and beyond, after obtaining a degree or beyond, you can work your way into one of the following five best-paying jobs in the finance consumer services business.

  • Hedge Fund Manager

Estimated Annual Salary: $81,000

The task of a hedge fund manager is to execute investment decisions on behalf of a group of clients or company. Hedge fund manager have a huge responsibility and are expected to make good and financially positive decisions. They are complicated, and doing this work needs education, experience and intelligence, but the pay is worth it.

  • Bank President

Estimated Annual Salary: $105,000

The task of a bank president doesn’t only require a degree qualification; it also often requires many years of experience in the system. Knowing all of the ins and outs of the banking industry and your branch, in particular, is what makes you successful in this career.

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  • Financial Analysts

Estimated Annual Salary: N/A

The responsibility of a financial analysts is reviewing the finances of individuals or businesses. However, they’re trying to make sure that the person or group asking for a loan is a good financial risk. Banks don’t want to lose money when they lend it, and this makes analysts very important people with a lot of responsibility.

  • Accountant

Estimated Annual Salary: $52,000

Obtaining a degree qualification in accounting and other certifications are most at times the keys to rising to the top of the accounting field. Accountants are top-notch expertise in finance and work tirelessly to make sure that financial accounts statements/balance are correctly. There is often a regulatory element to their jobs also, and they need to stay abreast of government or international new laws/policies and tax changes from time-to-time.

  • Loan Officer

Estimated Annual Salary: $44,000

Have you ever gone to your local bank and request for a car or home loan? In that process know that you worked with a loan officer. This particular person typically has a huge formal education, and there is training and licensing that will be required when you get the job. This kind job has many of responsibility, but it is often paid on a commission basis, so there’s a possibility for a huge annual income.

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