Bleaching cream

Here Are Five Ways To Know You Are Using A Bleaching Cream


  • Many of us often use creams without knowing the cream we bought is bleaching your skin?
  • Research shows that most times, body or face lotion makers tends to hide behind words like ‘even-tone’, ‘skin lightening’ and ‘skin brightening’ in order to market their bleaching creams.

Whenever people want to get more skin brighter or fairer complexion, they make use of creams to produce a result.

However, the main thing that differentiate all these nomenclatures is the effect they have on your skin and the ingredients that was used in producing them.

Some of the ingredients will give you a clear visibly lighter complexion without damaging or spoiling your skin.

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The Question is:  How do you know that the cream you bought is bleaching your skin or not?

It has hydroquinone, mercury, cysteamine and dermocorticoids. Forget about the brand name. If it has any of the above ingredients, just know that it will surely bleach your skin. Others might be like kojic acid and retinol should be used sparingly and ignore if any reaction occurs.

There are certain allergic reactions that should make you discontinue such creams immediately they include:

1) Skin Irritation And Redness

The moment you noticed that your skin is turning to a pink or red color, that’s a clear good indication that you bought a bleaching cream.

2) Dry Skin

If you see your skin looks pale, dry and scaly.

Further, there is also swelling and burning, and experiencing itching skin, visibly red veins and hives.
Your skin will react negatively to some bleaching creams [medicunis].

3) Mercury Poisoning can also lead to kidney failure, photosensitivity, memory loss and high blood pressure. Take note.

4. A Blue-black Discolouration (melasma) if you see these in some parts of your body, most especially your face, legs and hands.

5. Using Corticosteroids creams can also contribute big painful acne in some parts of your body and your face at large.

Let’s say, unfortunately, you came across bleaching creams and began to use them, how do you remedy the terrible effect?

Many natural home remedies can deal with the negative effect and remove discolouration caused by bleaching creams. They include:

Aloe vera
Apple cider vinegar
Green tea
Tomato paste

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