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Covid-19: Netherland partial lockdown sparks protests

The Netherland Police have used water cannon on protesters who opposed to a new partial lockdown order imposed amid rising record of coronavirus infections.


Prime minister “Mark Rutte” announced the law on Friday, where he ordered the restrictions of shops, sport and catering for a period of three weeks.


Majority of European countries are facing a surge in covid cases, blamed partly on low vaccine take-up in many countries. Austria is among those countries expected to go back to lockdown for unvaccinated people this weekend.


Restrictions are expected to be imposed in the first two provinces of Upper Austria and Salzburg effective from Monday, this is in a statement by Minister of Health “Wolfgang Mückstein”.


Denmark, which has less coronavirus cases is no longer a “socially critical” disease, and has re-instated a Covid pass that was phased out in September. The government is planning to push through a law allowing workplaces to require the pass for staff.


Covid passes set to stay as Europe is going for winter.

The Dutch prime minister “Mark Rutte” said that fortunately the majority of people in the Netherlands had already been vaccinated. Adding that the three-week partial lockdown would take effect on Saturday evening.

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Any Non-essential shops will have to close at 18:00 (17:00 GMT) likewise supermarkets, cafes, restaurants and hotels at 20:00
Professional and amateur sport will continue to operate, but behind closed doors
This includes the ongoing Netherlands’ football World Cup qualifier against Norway which will take place on 16 November.

The 18:00 closure also applies to casinos and saunas as well as hairdressers and sex workers
A maximum of four guests between aged 13 will be allowed at people’s homes
As many people should work from home as possible.


All Cinemas and theatres will stay open. Social distancing of 1.5m (5ft) is being reintroduced and must be maintained where Covid passes are not in operation. The caretaker cabinet is also working on a change in the law to allow businesses to choose whether if they want to limit entry to people who have been vaccinated or who have recovered successfully.


Meanwhile, The catering industry has reacted angrily to the new development; a spokesman told public broadcaster NOS that the government had “crossed a line”. previous weekend, and thousands of protesters marched through The Hague in anger at existing Covid restrictions.


The latest daily figures on Saturday showed 13,902 new Covid cases found- the third-highest daily rate since the beginning of the pandemic – and 33 deaths. Dutch vaccination rates are relatively high, with 82.4% of over-12s having two doses, or 73% of the total population.


Anti-lockdown protesters gather in The Hague
Image caption,
Police said they had taken action to “maintain and order”
Protesters marched on the streets in The Hague after Mr Rutte’s announcement. Police fired water cannon after some of the crowd started throwing stones and fireworks at them.


In Austria, vaccine take-up is at 65% and Chancellor “Alexander Schallenberg” says he will communicate to provincial governors on Sunday before the green light is issued for a national lockdown for the unvaccinated people.


“The situation in Austria is worrying and infection numbers are rising rapidly, especially in Upper Austria and Salzburg,” the health minister warned. The two provinces have a combined population of more than two million.


Vaccine rates
1px transparent line
The Upper Austria governor “Thomas Stelzer” says people who are yet to receive their vaccine will be able to leave home only for essential purpose such as going to work, buying food or to exercise. It is unclear how that would be enforced.


Germany, which has also witnessed record Covid numbers this week, declared Austria a high-risk area on Friday, so that anyone visiting the area and yet to be vaccinated or recovered from Covid will have to isolate for 10 days.


Eastern European countries have for weeks been battling with high record infection, as they grapple with the lowest vaccine rates on the continent:

Covid Cases In Some Parts Of The World!

Russia announced another 40,123 cases and 1,235 deaths in the past 24 hours on Friday
Ukraine recorded 24,058 more infections and 750 deaths
Romania recorded another 307 deaths, involving 286 unvaccinated people, but case numbers are down
Slovenia has a record 215 Covid patients in intensive care, a relatively high figure for a population of more than two million
Czech daily Covid infections have topped 10,000 for the third time this week; the government is set to announce tighter restrictions

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Who is Prof Iya Abubakar ?


The 3rd Vice Chancellor of ABU Zaria “Prof. Iya Abubakar” is an elder statesman in Nigeria and a Mathematical Genius. Prof. Iya Abubakar, was the third Vice-Chancellor to one of the greatest university in Africa “Ahmadu Bello University Zaria”. Prof. Iya Abubakar is an indigene of Adamawa state.


Furthermore, The mathematical genius has served as a minister for multiple times. He was once a director of the Central Bank of Nigeria and a former Senator for Adamawa North served from May 1999 to May 2007.


Iya Abubakar, a Fulani by tribe, obtained his first class degree in mathematics at London University (University College Ibadan) in the ’50s and finished his doctorate at Cambridge University, England around ’60s.


However, the mathematical genius was one of the only two Nigerians that got appointed into faculty positions at the inception of “Ahmadu Bello University Zaria”. The other person was “Professor Adamu Baikie (Education)”.


Prof. Iya Abubakar was the only Nigerian who attained the rank of Professor in the Department of Mathematics, ABU, Zaria, at the age of 28 in the year 1963.


He was a first-class graduate of Mathematics at the University of Ibadan, and the first Northerner to earn a Ph.D. in any field during his time. He earned it at the University of Cambridge, UK.


“Professor Iya Abubakar” became Head of Department, For two departments “Mathematics and Computer Science”, ABU, Zaria, at age 32 (which is a great record in the Nigerian University system), He also served as the third Vice Chancellor of ABU, Zaria, at the age of 40 and later retired from academics at the of age 44.


Mr. Abubakar academic productivity suffered huge when he became the “Vice Chancellor of the ABU University” and eventually a Minister of Finance.


Prof Iya Abubakar Birth and academic career
Prof, Iya Abubakar was born on 14 December 1934. He attended Barewa College, where he did his secondary education. The professor had also attend University College Ibadan (later to become the University of Ibadan) and then earned a Ph.D degree at the University of Cambridge.


Iya Abubakar worked as a visiting professor at the University of Michigan in 1965-66, before being ranked as Professor of Mathematics at Ahmadu Bello University at the age of 28, in 1967.


He maintained this position until 1975, as well as a visiting professorship at the City University of New York from 1971-72.


In 1975, Prof. Iya Abubakar was appointed as the “Vice-Chancellor of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria”, a position he maintained till 1978. He was a former a director of the Central Bank of Nigeria from 1972 to 1975.


After the regime of Lt-Gen. “Olusẹgun Obasanjo” handed power back to an elected government in 1979, Prof. Iya Abubakar was appointed the Minister of Defence, holding the office till 1982. From 1993 to 2005, he was appointed as the “Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of Council of the University of Ibadan” .


He served as a director of the National Mathematical Centre at Abuja and ruled both the National Manpower Commission of Nigeria and the non-governmental Africa International Foundation for Science and Technology, In the late 1990s.

The mathematical genius run for Senator position for the Adamawa North constituency of Adamawa State, and was elected. Nigeria at the start of the Nigerian Fourth Republic, running on the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) platform. Abubakar assumed office on 29 May 1999.


Prof. Iya Abubakar was re-elected in April 2003. After taking his seat in the Senate in June 1999. Then he was appointed as the chairman of those committees: Public Accounts, Banking & Currency (chairman), Commerce and Finance & Appropriation.


Iya Abubakar has also chaired the Senate Committee on Finance and Appropriation and the Senate Committee on Science and Technology. After being very prominent among his colleagues in the Senate.


A photo of Professor Iya Abubakar presenting An award to Hadiza Bala Usman at an ABU Alumni event


The Excellent professor has since retired from active participation in public service and is now living a quiet private life.

But at an event to commemorate ABU’s alumni annual public lecture which held in Abuja. this educationalist came in another impressionable appearance where he spoke about the current level of education in Nigeria.

According to the Proffesor, for higher education to take its place, the Act of establishing the “National Universities Commission” (NUC) should be amended.

He added: “The only way to sustain educational standard is to ensure that the extant provision of the education Act only empowers NUC and its sister agencies to close down illegal institutions without provision of sanction for their operations.“

Speaking about Ahmadu Bello University, Prof. Iya Abubakar said: “If we decide to recreate ABU and take it back to international standard, we must implement the international culture of having a vibrant alumni association.”

To be sincere and straight forward, “Professor Iya Abubakar” is one of the most talented, finest and educated brains to have come out of the North whose legacies in the academia are worth celebrating even though he didn’t stay long to active public service.

Some of the Publications of Prof. Iya Abubakar

Abubakar, Iya; Disturbance due to a line source in a semi-infinite transversely isotropic elastic medium; Geophysical Journal; 6; 1961:337-359.
Abubakar, Iya; Motion of the surface of a transversely isotropic half-space excited by a buried line source; Geophysical Journal; 7; 1962:87-101.
Abubakar, Iya Free vibrations of a transversely isotropic plate. Quart. J. Mech. Appl. Math. 15 1962 129–136.
Abubakar, Iya Scattering of plane elastic waves at rough surfaces. II. Proc. Cambridge Philos. Soc. 59 1963 231–248.
Abubakar, Iya Scattering of plane elastic waves at rough surfaces. I. Proc. Cambridge Philos. Soc. 58 1962 136–157.

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