Here Are Top 5 African Nations With The Highest Vehicles On The Road (Sub-Saharan)

There’s a mutual relationship between the number of vehicles you see within a community/country and its economic activities. It might be possible that seeing many cars mean there’s wealth, as automobiles are not exactly the most affordable utility. It might be simple logic, but it is empirically authentic.

The formula is rather elementary. The more people you see within a geographic region, the more they higher the chances that said region is an economic hub.

When we talk of Economic hubs: they’re  typically very fast-paced, and this even creates a need for transport infrastructures and vehicles. This requires inadvertently creates an influx of vehicles, both automobiles and railed vehicles.

However, in Africa and beyond, regions with massive wealth reserves and economic opportunities routinely attract crowds that would eventually generate a demand for more parking spaces.

Below is a list of Sub-Saharan African countries with the most vehicles on their roads. Data on the estimated amount of vehicles on its roads, population, and motor vehicles person, will be listed below.

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South Africa: Down in the southern region of the continent lies this economic behemoth. Home of the cradle of humankind paleoanthropological site which was declared a world heritage site, this country has a population of 60.6 million. The country is estimated to have around 13,570,330 motor vehicles according to NationMaster, a prominent statistics database that has its headquarters in Australia. Its motor vehicles per person index is 232.

Nigeria: Popularly known as the heart of Africa, or the giants of Africa, Nigeria has one of the largest diasporas in Africa. It is also the most populated country in Africa at 218+ million. According to a report by the Vanguard newspaper, Nigeria has around 13,000,000 million cars in the country, making its motor vehicles per person 61.

Ivory Coast: Ivory Coast, is a West African nation named after the elephant teeth trade boom in the 1900s. The country is also known as Cote d’Ivoire and has a population of 26.38 million. This country recorded 1,554,000 registered road vehicles according to NationMaster. Its motor vehicles per 1000 persons is 60.

Democratic Republic of Congo: The Democratic Republic of Congo, not to be confused with the Republic of Congo, is a country with abundant and diverse natural resources, boasting the world’s largest cobalt reserves. It has a population of 89.56 million and the number of motor vehicles on its roads stand at 2,791,500. This is according to NationMaster. Its motor vehicles per person is 32.

Kenya: Kenya is one of the fastest growing economies in Africa, and has been center stage in Africa owing to its recently concluded presidential election. This country has a population of 53.77 million. According to Ceci, a Kenyan-based team of expert economists and analysts, the number of registered vehicles in Kenya stood at 3,608,110.000 Units in 2019. Its motor vehicles per 1000 persons is 69.

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