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Nigeria Has Been Experiencing Insecurity Since Civil War – Lai Mohammed 


Federal Government said that the current insecurity problem has been the greatest challenge to the peace and security of nation since the time of civil war.

This was stated by the Honourable Minister of Information and Culture, “Lai Mohammed”. He said it during a joint security conference which hold today 5 September in Abuja.

Mohammed said the security challenges “have been daunting, from terrorism to banditry to kidnapping to separatist violence to crude oil theft to armed robbery and sundry crimes. It’s undoubtedly the greatest challenge to the peace and security of our great nation since the civil war from 1967 to 1970.”

According to the information and culture minister, the current insecurity challenge is the type of challenge that would have overwhelmed by some countries, “but thanks to the purposeful leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari, we can say, I want to repeat, that the worst is over and peace and security are gradually returning to the land.

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His statement:

“Please don’t misunderstand or misrepresent this assertion. We may still witness isolated cases of security challenges here and there, but it will not be on the scale that we have witnessed in the past.

We want to use this opportunity to salute Mr President for his leadership. When many threw their arms up in the air and felt it was all over, President Buhari remained resolute. When many called for the use of foreign mercenaries to tackle the challenges, especially terrorism and banditry, President Buhari never wavered in his belief in the ability of our gallant men and women in uniform to rise to the occasion, and rise to the occasion they did.

Some said the security challenges have overwhelmed the military, but the military has now demonstrated that no group of ragtag criminals can ever overwhelm them.

Terrorists and bandits and co can run but cannot hide, and this has been demonstrated by the arrest of those who attacked a church in Owo. These criminals can run but cannot hide, as we have seen in the decimation of the cowards who ambushed the Brigade of Guards troops in Abuja.

I am sure you will hear from my colleagues how our military and other security agencies have been decimating the top echelon of ISWAP and Boko Haram, how armed bandits camps and resources have been destroyed, and how the capacity of IPOB/ESN has been substantially degraded.”
The minister noted that whereas in conventional warfare, the parties can declare a truce or cessation of hostilities, upon reaching an agreement, “it is not the same for the kind of unconventional warfare that our military has been fighting in recent years.”

He said the government was not saying the battle was over, but that the military and other security agents had been able to contain “the daunting security challenges we face, and that the worst is indeed over. We have now put the terrorists, bandits and their ilk on the run and we will not relent until they have been crushed.”

Lai Mohammed also use the medium to appealed to all Nigerians affected by the insecurity challenge and urged them to continue to support the security agencies/authorities in their arduous task of keeping the country safe.

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Our Refusal To Delay Scheduled Flight For Emir Of Kano Not Disrespectful, Says Air Peace


Air Peace has accused Isa Bayero of threatening to incite Kano people against the airline following an unsuccessful request for its 6:15am flight to be delayed to accommodate the Emir of Kano and his entourage.

The airline in the response on Friday also denied disrespecting the Emir of Nigeria’s most populous state as claimed by Bayero.

Bayero had written the Director-General of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, Musa Shuaibu Nuhu, to sanction Air Peace for ‘disrespecting’ the Emir and the people of Kano.

The airline in its explanation of the incident which happened on Friday said the monarch had arrived at the Murtala Muhammed airport in the early hours of Friday from the Gambia and contacted its Chief Executive Officer, Allen Onyema demanding to board the airline’s first flight scheduled for 6:15am.

“He told the Chairman to delay the Airlines’s first flight of the day, the 6:15am Lagos-Kano flight for the Emir and his entourage,” said Air Peace Chief Operating Officer, Toyin Olajide.

Contrary to Bayero’s claim that Onyema outrightly declined the request, Air Peace said the CEO contacted her before politely explaining to him that the plane was already taxing.

She said that in line with its re-routing obligation under the Aviation Law and in deference to the exalted office of the Emir, Bayero was contacted and he was offered to put the Emir and his entourage on the 7.00am Lagos -Abuja flight.

The statement added, “On arriving Abuja, the Airline would then put the Emir and his entourage on our direct flight to Kano at no cost. Mr. Isa Bayero refused this offer; he insisted that the already taxiing aircraft should be stopped and delayed until the Emir and the other eight persons with him arrived from the International Airport.

“The decision was to fly them from Abuja to Kano still in the morning, considering the next flight from Lagos to Kano was for 7pm later in the evening.

How this became a disrespectful action by Air Peace baffles the Airline.

“After explaining this to Isa Bayero, he not only behaved in a disrespectful manner but also threatened he would incite the people of Kano against the Airline- if we did not stop the flight.”

The airline insisted that the decision to obey the request was in the Emir’s interest.

The statement said, “We took this decision so as to defend the image of our highly reverred Emir of Kano and not to insult him as insinuated by Isa Bayero.

“This is because if the passengers had been delayed for an additional hour after boarding and ready to fly, and then saw the Emir and his entourage walk in – considering the pulse of the general public lately due to complaints regarding delays – it would not have done justice to the image and character of the Emir.

“It is so unfortunate that Isa Bayero will go to this extent to portray the Chairman and Air Peace in this manner. The Chairman of Air Peace has the highest regard for the traditional institution as it could be recalled that the Emir of Kano had previously issued a certificate of commendation to the Chairman for his philanthropic work to the people of Kano and as such holds the office of the Emir and all traditional institutions in highest esteem.

“We are therefore appalled that this statement would be made to incite such negativity towards the Airline. We make bold to say that the Emir of Kano we know would have been offended to know that a flight already taxiing was halted and delayed for over 40 minutes for him.

“The Emir would never have supported this publication. He may not have even known our offers and our reasons given to Prince Isa Bayero. We reiterate our respects to our revered Emir of Kano.”

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