Hadi farms fertilizer

What You Need To Know About ‘HADI FARMS FERTILIZER’



Farming and other agricultural practices are the enormous factors that reflect the exact replica of Nigeria and lucidly define her as a nation. Nigeria’s efforts to qualitative agricultural production give birth to establishment of modern and advanced farming inputs that suit the agricultural practices of the 21st century and lead to elevation of the national economy.

Hadi farms fertilizer is a newly established qualitative agricultural fertilizer that possesses all the requisite qualities, nutrients and properties. It garnered 100% approval and recommendation of Nigerian professional agricultural practitioners (SON). Hadi farms fertilizer is the best choice for both modern and traditional farmers of this generation. Its primary mandatory functions are to increase soil richness and fertility, helps in a fast and furious growth of variety of different crops within a shortest period and production of qualitative and quantitative crops in larger financially profitable quantities.

To mention but a few, Hadi farms fertilizer is the best and first remarkable welcoming development with pivotal transformation in farming activities; reduction in loss of crops, correction in proper application of modern farming equipment with Hadi farm fertilizer, reproduction of healthier farm products, clear manifestation of perfect directions towards the perfection of agricultural practice in Nigeria and the world at large.

The ‘Hadi Farms Fertilizer’ has been verified and recognised by relevant agencies in Nigeria. Below are photos:


Hadi farms’ main office is situated at Musawa Road, Marabar Musawa, Musawa Local Government in Katsina state. To get clarification on any point of doubts, contact 08033802867 or 08088888103

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