VIDEO: N@ked Men underwent Torturous Pain During A Visit To Native Doctor For The Purpose Of Getting Rich


A video which circulated online shows 3 young men undergoing torturous pain during a visit to shrine for the purpose of wealth.

The video shows three of the men n@ked, and all of them with blood running down their face and body, as a native doctor conducts the rituals for them.

One of the men was sighted with his hair styled in locs, is seen shaking visibly.

Each of the men where holding a calabash in their hands and the content of the calabash was a burning fire.

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Amidst how hot the calabash got in their bare hands, the three men were orderd not to drop down the hot calabash.

No confirmation yet where exactly the bad act happened, even though the men were heard speaking pidgin English with a strong Nigerian accent in the video.

Watch below.


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