List Of 15 African Countries With Low Defence Budgets As Of 2022


  • This list is courtesy of data made available by Statista.

According to Business Insider Africa report we can all agree that defence of lives and parcels is veritably consummate. Amid rising incidents of internal and external terrorism and raising aggression between countries, the need to spend on security/ defence has noway been more imperative.

Before, we looked at five conflict hotspots in Africa and how their husbandry have been affected. And one unique point among these five countries is that their ongoing conflicts are internal.

still, there have lately been growing pressures between some neighbouring Central and Eastern African countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda. And as one can anticipate, some businesses have been affected.

There’s no gainsaying the fact that profitable progress is nearly insolvable in a state of instability. That’s why countries must secure their borders and homes. And one of the surest ways to do that’s by spending big on the purchase of arms and security outfit, construction of military installations and technology as well as reclamation, remuneration and training of security labor force.

While every country in Africa does have their defence budgets, some understandably spend lower than others. For the rest of this composition, we shall concentrate on some African countries with low defence budgets as of 2022.

What’s a defence budget?

” The portion of the public budget that’s allocated to defence covers hires, training, and health care; maintains and purchases arms, outfit, and installations; finances military operations; and finances the development of new technologies.” — RAND Corporation

Below is the list:

  1. Liberia$ 12 million
  2. Sierra Leone$ 19 million
  3. Central African Republic$ 41 million
  4. Somalia$ 61 million
  5. Eritrea$ 105 million
  6. Madagascar$ 110 million
  7. Zimbabwe$ 117 million
  8. Mozambique$ 140 million
  9. Mauritania$ 251 million
  10. Zambia$ 251 million
  11. South Sudan$ 276 million
  12. Gabon$ 281 million
  13. Niger$ 287 million
  14. Sudan$ 287 million
  15. Ghana$ 289 million
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