Kaduna-Abuja Train Attack: Terrorists Threaten To Kill Abducted Passengers In 7 Days’


Terrorists of abducted train passengers have threatened to kill its victims in the next seven days should the federal government delay further in meeting their demands.

The terrorists in a phone conversation with Tukur Mamu, the spokesman of Sheikh Ahmad Gumi reiterated that their demands had no financial undertone and required quick compliance from the FG.

In the audio conversation, Abu Barra the leader of the terrorists said, “We don’t need money. We have a good reason for doing what we did. Until our demands are met, none of the victims will come out alive even if it means we all die with them.

“They are well taken care of as you can see from the pictures, we sent to you via WhatsApp but we assure you that this will not continue.

“We choose you (Tukur Mamu) to convey this important message to the government, the families of the victims and Nigerians in general because we believe you won’t alter our message and we have seen you severally with Sheikh Gumi in the forest, therefore, we recognize the fearlessness in you.”

Barra further highlighted their demands, disclosing that the attack on the Abuja -Kaduna about 60 days ago was a result of the government’s arrest and detention of their children.

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“Our children numbering about eight between the ages of one to seven years are currently being held at an orphanage in Jimeta, Adamawa State under the supervision of the Nigerian Army.

“The names of our children are; Abdulrahman, Bilkisu, Usman, Ibrahim and Juwairiyyah. They were forcefully taken from our wives in Nasarawa and taken to the orphanage in Yola.

“For any continued discussion on the release of these passengers and a safe resumption of the train service, our children must be released unconditionally.

“Only then we will release some of the abducted victims, especially the women while other passengers will be released on a prisoner exchange with some of our arrested comrades by the government,” he said.

The terrorists also revealed, “the government suspended the resumption of the train service indefinitely because of our threats and we repeat, if our conditions are not met, the resumption of the train service is to the detriment of the government and the passengers.

“If the government decided not to respond, so be it. We are warning Nigerians, especially those that are patronising the train that if this matter is not resolved peacefully, the day they decided to attack us or do anything funny, passengers or commuters should forget to use the train or follow the Abuja-Kaduna road because we will be consistent and they can’t stop us. We believe that you will deliver this message as it is.

“Therefore, we rely on you and urge you to convey this important message to everyone.”

Mamu, while responding to the terrorists said, “Time is not on our side, the government must understand that they are dealing with persons with a misguided ideology and tainted religious belief.

“These people are not scared of death; they seem to believe that they are martyrs when they die. It will be a serious mistake to take this threat lightly. I believe an opportunity has been created for us to explore to save the lives of those innocent victims,” vanguard reports.

THE GIANT SOURCE could not make independent confirmation from the spokesperson, Tukur Mamu as repeatedly calls and text to his phone line was not acknowledged.

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Excellent Weird Alibaba Electric Vehicle of the Week: A Tiger Bus Perfect For The Tiger King


There’s no shortage of weird, funky or wild electric vehicles on one of the most popular Chinese shopping platform “Alibaba”. This week, THE GIANT SOURCE found some real doozies for past entries in this weekly column. For this week, a feature of an electric bus is particularly far flung. A tiger molded electric bus might shock some to ask “Why….?”

The tiger bus designed by “Shenzhen Aohu Electric Vehicle Company” has a certain charm and artistic flair that we just don’t see that often in the West.

If you could recall, there was a time when American vehicle design was the height of high fashion. I’m talking late 50’s through the 60’s. Huge Cadillac fins. Bullet tail lights. Giant wings. Tri-five Chevies. The works.

But even back then, American designers weren’t as bold as Alibaba’s best. No one had the guts to go full tiger on the front end of the bus. No one until now, that is.

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Because that’s exactly what we’ve got here. One electric bus with one majestic tiger front end. It’s fit for the Tiger King himself, shuffling mullet-bearing wildcat lovers/smugglers all over the deep south. Or wheeling a bunch of exploited youth volunteers around a Florida big cat rescue park. Or basically anything any self-respecting tiger-based entrepreneur can think of.

I mean, it’s a tiger shaped electric bus with seating for 23 people. There are a lot of options here, folks.

Just don’t expect to go climbing any big hills with 23 souls on board. The tiger bus is powered by a measly 5 kW motor. That’s less than 7 horsepower. With 23 passengers, I’m a bit worried about it traversing a speed bump without a few people having to get out and help push.

And of course that low power also explains the low top speed of 30 km/h (18 mph). I’m not sure why they didn’t design it to go a bit faster. That tiger fascia up front is basically all crumple zone; you might as well use it!

By now I’m sure you’re curious to know how much the coolest bus this side of the G. W. Zoo costs. This bad boy comes in at an ultra-reasonable $16,000. That’s less than 700 bucks per seat, folks! I mean, I’d be crazy not to buy it at this price!

However, perhaps I shouldn’t jump the gun here. Where there’s one lovable animal-themed electric bus, there’s bound to be more…. right?

A quick search proves me correct. Apparently this is a weird theme in China, and there are even more options out there for the specific breed of folks that find themselves in that little sliver of overlap in the Venn diagram between animal lovers and bus enthusiasts.

I’m particularly interested in this dolphin option, though the Nemo bus is pretty neat too.

These buses simply leave me with so many questions. Why are there so many animal-shaped buses on Alibaba? Who the heck buys these things? How do you get away with a clear Finding Nemo rip-off? Who killed Carol Baskin’s husband? The answers to these questions and many more continue to elude us. The world simply may never know.

Ultimately, we can really only know one thing for sure.

No matter how hard you look, or how deep you dig, Alibaba will always be there to offer up the most awesome, weirdest electric vehicles anywhere in the world, ripe for the picking.

Oh, and that Carol definitely did it.

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