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This Week on Crypto Twitter: Elon Musk, Other Billionaires Imagine Transforming Twitter

Twitter is still feeling aftershocks from Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s decision to take a 9.2% stake in the platform.

On Monday, Twitter CEO Paral Agrawal posted a note to let everyone know that Musk would no longer be taking a board role, a move that Agrawal had announced the previous week.

Early Thursday, Telegraph technology editor James Titcomb shared a rumor that Elon had offered to buy Twitter outright for $54.20 a share, considered by some a cheeky weed reference. (Twitter shares were trading at a shade under $47 earlier today.)

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A few minutes later, Musk confirmed it.

Later that day, Musk appeared at Ted2022 in Vancouver, Canada, where he shared his priorities for Twitter, which include hosting the code on GitHub, and cracking down on spam.

Musk wasn’t the only crypto-savvy billionaire talking Twitter last week. Among them was Tron CEO Justin Sun, who tweeted support of substantial changes to the platform.

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