Vaginal s*x

Is Oral S*x More Secure Than Vaginal Or An@l S*x?

  • A lot of people thought that oral s*x can prevent them from different STIs, but could that be true or is just speculations?
  • You need to know that penetration isn’t the only type of s*x neither is it the only way to get STIs.

The oral s*x which is commonly identify as giving or getting head. It’s also referred to as sucking on each other genitals to induce orgasms and get feelings.

Whenever you see a man is ‘getting head’, it is commonly called a bl○w job or fellati○. Likewise when a woman is ‘getting head’, it is commonly called cunn!lingus.

Becareful of any s*xual int€rcourse without a cond○m because it’s very risky. But what are your opportunities if the s*x is oral s*x?

When it comes to HIV, the way of contracting it from oral s*x is said to be low but that doesn’t mean you’re free from contracting the diseases. It’s impossible.

According to analyst, “the per exposure risk of infection is low, hovering at around 0.04%. This means that HIV disease might be contracted in one in 2,500 acts of oral s*x.”

The symptoms of gonorrhoea disease includes: pus-like discharge from the rectum, spots of bright red blood, anal itching, and hard bowel movements.

Gonorrhoea disease can caused throat infections which can be gotten through oral s*x, and the annoying is, they’re difficult to treat.

You giving oral s*x or receiving it from your partner who has gonorrhoea leads to the transmission of the disease.

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The symptoms of chlamydia includes: painful urination, pain in men’s testes, vaginal discharge, painful when it comes to s*x, and blood bleeding  after s*x in women.

Chlamydia can be contracted from oral s*x. A 2020 study in BMC Medicine showed that 13% of penile chlamydia cases are caused by oral s*x.

Herpes is a disease that causes cold sores around lips, mouth, tongue, genitals and anus as well as tingling, itching and burning.

Both oral herpes and genital herpes can be transmitted through oral s*x.

When you’re the one giving or receiving oral s*x with your partner with herpes in their anus, buttocks, and genitals can cause oral herpes.

Then Syphilis
Syphilis happens in stages. The first stage is witnessing a painful sore in your genitals, mouth or rectum, followed by a rash. And the final stage usually involves a damage to the heart, eyes or even the brain.

Syphilis disease can be transmitted from one person to another via oral s*x. Giving or receiving oral s*x from a partner with syphilis sore or rash in the genitals or anus can cause syphilis.

Advice and Recommendation

It’s good you should know that oral s*x is not as safe as many people think or recommend.

Abstinence, just make sure that your s*x partner is tested before having consistent sexual int€rcourse, maintaining one s*xual partner, and making use of  cond○ms and dental dams during oral s*x can prevent you from contracting disease.

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