Kaduna-Abuja Train Attack: FG In Talks With Terrorists To Rescue Our Relatives – Victims’ Families


The federal government has assured families of the abducted Kaduna- Abuja train passengers of the safe return of their loved ones as it had started all necessary processes for their release.

The assurance came after officials from the “highest position”, met with representatives of the family on Thursday where they were assured that they had commenced the process of identifying the detained children of the terrorists.

The leader of the relatives, Dr Ba’abba Muhammad told THE WHISTLER that the meeting had doused the growing tension among families following the life threat issued by the abductors.

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“We have been contacted by government officials,” Muhammad said.

He continued, “Yes, they have given us assurances, but you know just saying they are going to release the children of the abductors is a little bit more complicated because the terrorists mentioned names, an orphanage and all these things have to be checked out first.

“We are assured that they have started processing all these things. So, if someone tells you they are doing something and you can see that they are right there and they are from the highest authority, you have to believe it.”

Recall that the captors of the train passengers on May 24, issued a seven days ultimatum to the federal government to release eight of their children, currently being held at an orphanage in Jimeta, Adamawa State under the supervision of the Nigerian Army.

The terrorists claimed that the children between ages one to seven were taken away from their mothers in Nasarawa. They threatened to kill the abductees if the children are not released within seven days unconditionally.

But the leader of the affected families stated that the government is aware of this ultimatum, adding that it will work within the stimulated pace.

“They know about the ultimatum and we believe that they should work within that pace. So, they have given us the reassurances and they have also gotten their concerns and have communicated with the abductors.

“They said, they are leaving no stone unturned, and they are going to make sure this thing comes to an end and very soon, I am just quoting their words.

“So, we have given them the benefit of doubt because we have reached the highest position of whom we needed to see and we are hoping, expecting and we believe they are going to do something before the end of the ultimatum,” Muhammad said.

He told THE WHISTLER that the families will continue to be in the faces of the government and other security agencies despite these assurances.

The families had taken to the Secretariat of the Nigeria Union of Journalists on Wednesday to protest for the third time, the prolonged incarceration of their loved ones especially as it relates to the life threat by the terrorists.

They asked the government to meet the demands of the terrorists, by releasing their children to avert the threats to kill their loved ones.

Terrorists had attacked an inbound Kaduna-Abuja train 61 days ago after detonating an explosive on the rail track.

The act by these assailants had caused the lives of nine passengers while 26 were injured and 62 including women, men, a foreigner and five minors were carted away to an unknown location.

Only two have so far been released on “sympathy ground.”

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