Former WWE Wrestler Shows Off Her B00bs To Distract The Opponent Of Her Husband During A Fight


former WWE star quickly moved to the ring and shows off her b00bs in a plan to draw the attention of her husband’s rival during a wrestling match. This came few days after a boxer also shows off her b00bs to celebrate her win.

The former WWE star identified as “Chelsea Green” was successful to sent a lot of fans into a wild frenzy, where the she liftted up her cloth and shook her body in front of her husband’s rival “Jimmy Lloyd” until he lost total focus on the ongoing match in hand.

The Only Fans star was watching Lloyd go toe-to-toe with her husband “Matt Cardona” at Game Changer Wrestling Show’s The Art of War event when she Mrs. Green decided to jump in and tilt the odds in favour of her husband.

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Cardona’s Internet title was on the line and he even announced ahead of the bout that if he lost would end his GCW career there and then.

So, towards the end of the match which Chelsea clearly feared could have been enough for Lloyd to claim a victory, she bared her breasts.

That singular act proved to do the trick as a baffled Jimmy Lloyd wandered towards her before receiving a nasty blow to his groin from behind.

Green captioned a GIF of her racy stunt: “T!TS out for Jimmy F*ckin Lloyd.”

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