Yoruba monarch

I Will Marry More Than One Wife Says 19-Year-Old Yoruba Monarch


The 19-year-old yoruba monarch who recently concluded secondary school, disclosed this in a interview with Sunday Vanguard.

“Yes it is compulsory I will marry more than one wife. In our tradition here, it is compulsory for a king to have more than one wife because the first wife, if she has a male child, the male child will become the next king and the second wife’s first male child will become what we call Eleki and, if the first wife does not have a male child and the second wife has, it is the first male child of the second wife that will become the next king. The Eleki is the second in command to the king; if the king is not around, the Eleki will be in charge.” he said.

Akinghare, is the youngest ruling Yoruba monarch in Nigeria, However, he also said he has many female friends but he is too shy to talk to girls.

“I have a lot of them, but I want to grow a bit older and get more mature before I get involved with women, l mean get married. For now I don’t really like to talk to girls, so to woo a lady is hard for me because if you see me you will know I am a shy person.” he added.

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